On June 4, 2018, ShipChain’s CEO and VP of Partnerships were invited to speak at the UN for the first ever Blockchain for Global Summit. ShipChain collaborated with government officials to promote standards and the use of blockchain across global supply chains.

CEO John Monarch and VP of Partnerships, Clinton Senkow urged attendees to harness the potential of blockchain technology to help tackle the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals which includes: reducing poverty, ending hunger & raising living standards.

John illustrated that many of the UN’s goals would involve massive logistics undertakings and showed them how blockchain can ensure more visibility and accountability. ShipChain’s Track and Trace solution has successfully enhanced supply chain security and lowered costs. On a global scale, these advantages created by blockchain technology could address numerous challenges like reduce world hunger or food insecurity.

“What struck me the most was how invested in blockchain technology the UN is. They are currently piloting or have piloted several use cases for blockchain technology and believe the technology can help them solve a lot of the world’s problems by the year 2030. I suggested starting with the most pressing goals set out by the UN such as ending hunger, improving education and spurring innovation and infrastructure development. Revisiting these goals is a great way to get a sense of the problems they are trying to solve through their numerous organizations,” said Clinton Senkow, VP of Partnerships.

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