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ShipChain Solution Wins First Place in the Operations and Supply Chain Category of the Ventana Research Digital Innovation Awards

ShipChain’s Track and Trace Platform won first place in the Operations and Supply Chain category of the 13th Annual Ventana Research Digital Innovation Awards. 

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ShipChain Selected as a Finalist for the 13th Annual Ventana Research Digital Innovation Awards

ShipChain is honored to have been selected as a finalist for the 13th Annual Ventana Research Digital Innovation Awards in the Operations and Supply Chain category. According to the press release put out by Ventana Research, “this award is for a technology vendor that best exemplifies innovation in the technologies that support the operations or

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The Arguments For and Against Supply Chain Redundancies

For most companies, the ability to continue business operations regardless of what may be occurring externally is crucial. This rings especially true when you think about critical industries. So how do these companies stay afloat when a crisis hits? More often than not, it’s their supply chain redundancies.

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ShipChain Joins Baseline Protocol Initiative

ShipChain will use Baseline Protocol to help facilitate both fully private transactions on both the public Ethereum network and the ShipChain sidechain, as well as facilitate the flow and synchronization of data between disparate ERP and other enterprise-class systems. As per the press release put out by ConsenSys, “the Baseline Protocol is an open-source initiative

The World Economic Forum Publishes its Blockchain Toolkit

On April 28th,  the World Economic Forum (WEF) officially published its much-anticipated document about how to properly leverage blockchain technology.  The paper, called ‘Redesigning Trust: A Blockchain Deployment Toolkit,” was first announced last May as a means to, as per the WEF's statement, "enable leaders to maximize the benefits and minimize the risks of the technology."

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Understanding the Issue of Supply Chain Fragmentation

Global supply chains are growing and transcending traditional borders. As businesses continue to expand, outsource, and enter new markets, supply chains will continue to increase in complexity. While there are several noteworthy benefits associated with globalization, the downside is the difficulty in ensuring that all supply chain functions and partners are working together harmoniously. Unfortunately,

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ShipChain and Distichain Announce Partnership to Facilitate Global Trade

ShipChain, the blockchain-based logistics company, today announced a new partnership with the B2B e-commerce platform provider Distichain to help small- and medium-sized businesses access global markets. As businesses, increasingly now, have a big need to be smart and connected, this partnership creates a significant impact on enterprises, facilitating the path to full digitization and the

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