Authority Magazine’s Behind-the-Scenes Interview With Cherie Aimée, Director of Communications at ShipChain

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Recently, Authority Magazine’s Yitzi Weiner, had a chance to interview our Director of Communications, Cherie Aimée, on her role at ShipChain and what excites her the most about blockchain technology.

Cherie is an entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in tech startups, corporate, and digital branding and marketing agencies. She’s worked on multi-million dollar branding campaigns on both the technical development side, as a programmer, and the high-level management side overseeing all aspects of project development. Her passion for innovative technology shines through in this article as well as her mission to create massive impact alongside her team at ShipChain.

“Community, leadership, culture, and education are all critical conversations within the topic of innovation. As Director of Communications I focus on people and being a voice and bridge for them within the space of innovation. Delivering a powerful brand story requires me to keep up with each action in the company, and make decisions to help define our culture and brand. Being aware of community sentiment and knowing what type of content to deliver and when is essential in this role and I work very closely with our CMO to deliver quality content.” —Cherie Aimée, Director of Communications at ShipChain

Cherie has experienced personal hardship and overcome adversities, which have inspired her to live aligned with the very core values blockchain technology has to offer.

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