It’s hard to believe it’s almost September and already 9 months since the completion of the sale. Our team has all around been hard at work, including growing relationships with the companies we are working with, seeking strategic partnerships with logistics companies to garner widespread adoption, accelerating development of the products and really making this a well oiled machine. We are very proud of our entire team and the accomplishments we have all made to date. Since January, we’ve added team members in the following roles:

  • Director of Software Development
  • Director of Product Development
  • Principal Backend Engineers
  • Principal Hardware/IoT Engineer
  • Senior Front End Engineer
  • Senior Mobile Engineer
  • Front End Engineers
  • Full Stack Engineers
  • Accounting Controller
  • Product Management Liaison
  • Senior Marketing Project Coordinator
  • Director of Communications

We are continuing to grow and are currently seeking additional Senior-level or higherDj8pFAeUUAAXeR8.jpg-large Python engineers, as well as Senior-level UI/UX Designers. We are proud of the camaraderie and culture that has developed within the company. The diverse backgrounds of everyone involved has truly been an advantage when it comes to new ideas and problem-solving.

While a favorite saying in software development is “9 women can’t make a baby in a month,” the team has gone above and beyond expectations in what is being accomplished over such a short timeframe. Our CTO Lee is detailing our tech developments in a quarterly Tech Update that will be posted on the blog and will expand significantly upon what is done.


Part of my reason for making this update is to give more insight into where ShipChain as a company currently stands, to discuss the growth and accomplishments that we have had in 2018, and to expand on the direction we continue to head in.  

A frequent question we receive has to do with token circulating supply; a question until now we had not answered directly. After running the math based on all releases conducted up to and including the time of this post (August 16, 2018), the current circulating supply number is 194,472,730.2 SHIP. This circulating supply accounts for all SHIP issued and in the holders’ wallets as of today. You might see this number is lower than what is listed on other sites, we have reached out to them to make the correction.

Blockchain is about openness and inclusiveness but we have been constrained in our public representations for some time. However, being careful with our public representations does not preclude us from acting transparently and in the interest of the platform’s users. As such, we will maintain our commitment to the Open Source Software community through the upcoming Tech Update and push for further transparency and insight into the operations of ShipChain, while balancing the requirements of our legal team.

In the coming weeks and months, you can expect to see a lot more of myself and our team answering your questions, discussing the logistics industry in general, giving technical insights, and divulging further detail into the development of the platform. Here’s a little insight into what we have planned:

  • Frequent videos on our YouTube channel
  • Blog posts from large portions of the team, not just the executives.  
  • Developers giving additional details into the build process
  • More “Fireside Chat” Q+A sessions
  • Launching our IGTV

Wrapping it up

Our core offices in Greenville and Los Angeles have been expanding and continue to hire as our needs grow. It’s exciting to be around such talented and hardworking people and I’m proud of what our team continues to do and the way that each department continues to fire on all cylinders. If you feel you’re qualified and would be a good fit, we would love for you to join us on this journey.

Best regards as we continue to reshape the logistics industry together.

John Monarch, CEO