Dear Community,

Over the past 11 months, we have grown close to all of you in our Telegram community. As a team, we have decided the best way to continue and educate our global community is through other social media channels. Platforms such as YouTube, our Blog Site, IGTV and others will allow for easier access to searchable content. We will continue to keep you informed while educating and attracting a wider audience interested in learning more about ShipChain.

We are growing fast and we’re committed to success!

Our Official ShipChain Telegram Channel was first formed in November 2017 as a central hub to gather and educate all those interested in our project.

Telegram allowed us to:

  1. Grow a community of loyal supporters interested in the technology we are building long-term.
  2. Receive constructive feedback from those in the shipping and logistics industry.
  3. Collect incredible real-life stories from everyday individuals affected by the current state of the Supply Chain.
  4. Educate our community about shipping and logistics, Supply Chain, and blockchain through entertaining activities, challenging others to step outside their comfort zone and explore the vast landscape of the multi-trillion dollar industry we are targeting.
  5. Gather community questions about our product and mission in order to create focused content during the next stage of business growth.

Unfortunately, at this stage, Telegram is no longer suitable for our community needs. We plan to keep it open for announcements and will close down the ability for community posting, as our team resources are better suited elsewhere. What’s to come will be more effective. Our newer platforms will allow us to get your questions answered and distributed to a wider audience. As they say, when one door closes, another shall open.

Our Telegram closing will not impact your ability to connect with the team. It will allow for better connection and more transparency.

Here’s what you can expect from the ShipChain team moving forward.

  • Quarterly Tech Updates outlining the progress of our developments.
  • Behind-the-scenes content showcasing what we do as we grow this massive company.
  • Opportunities to continue providing our team with constructive feedback.
  • Community updates through our newsletter, The Dispatch and our ShipChain blog.
  • Educational content discussing shipping and logistics, supply chain, and blockchain technology.
  • And more to come!

ShipChain is in this for the long haul. We are proactively working closely with industry leaders and enterprises. We plan to work with regulators and politicians to educate on the benefits of blockchain technology in shipping and logistics. Our goal is to bring more efficiency, transparency, accountability and responsibility to this industry.

We know this will not happen overnight.

What sets ShipChain apart from the rest, is our team and experience in supply chain. We not only understand the needs of those within the supply chain but we also understand the complexities and accept the challenge.

Innovative leadership is our strength. We are willing to do the necessary work, in collaboration with industry partners, to create changes long overdue in the industry.

Our Telegram community will remain open until Thursday, September 13, 2018. The Telegram channel will then be converted into an Announcement Channel where archived comments will remain accessible.

We are excited to move into this next phase with all of you as we get ready for our product launch. As always, feel free to send us any questions at

Thank you again for being apart of our Official ShipChain Telegram Community.

The ShipChain Team