This past November, ShipChain was honored to win the Blockchain Innovation Award at #DataccioConnect Singapore. Last year, ShipChain bagged The Business IT Innovation award, which was received by Mr. John Monarch, CEO, ShipChain at #DataccioConnect Dubai

Since then, there has been a lot of momentum, and the organization has welcomed several new partnerships. Prominent among these are the partnerships with ParceLive, the supply chain visibility platform provider, and GTX Corp (OTCQB: GTXO), a global tech leader offering a suite of GPS and NFC tracking location-based services. Commenting on the latter, John Monarch stated, “until now, availability and cost of sensors was always a stumbling block. But GTX’s smart tags – integrated into ShipChain’s track and trace platform – provide a low-cost, powerful tool to give our customers even more information about their shipments. Now, we can provide new visibility into food quality, temperature history, location, and handler information. The possibilities are endless, and we cannot wait to watch this partnership unfold and evolve.”

The blockchain-based end-to-end logistics startup also announced the integration of its platform with a Scandinavian logistics company, Scanlog, to help with the track-and-trace of Scanlog’s freight moving across the company’s logistics network. According to Monarch, every year, billions of dollars worth of goods disappear without a trace and are completely unaccounted for. He said, “track and trace allows you to pinpoint exactly where they go missing in the supply chain, who was handling them most recently, and when they were last accounted for.”

This year, ShipChain will also release its Delivery Experience Manager solution that will ensure that the buyer, carrier, and supplier have a smooth and successful delivery. The solution came about after extensive research and gap analysis in the current supply chain. 

Additionally, ShipChain was selected by the World Economic Forum (WEF) as one of the roughly 100 supply chain companies and experts that will help build and come up with the parameters for the Blockchain Toolkit. Blockchain is now becoming the obvious choice for bringing efficiency and transparency to the supply chain, and ShipChain is constantly looking to improve its offerings by delving deep into the myriad offerings of this potent technology.

Monarch reiterates, “it is wonderful to be recognized by the industry for the efforts that ShipChain is committed to in the blockchain space. The more we use the technology, the deeper the applications are, and the possibilities are endless.”