ShipChain’s Track and Trace Platform won first place in the Operations and Supply Chain category of the 13th Annual Ventana Research Digital Innovation Awards. 

“Congratulations to ShipChain for being the winner of the 13th annual Ventana Research Digital Innovation Award for Operations and Supply Chain for providing a logistics platform that brings track and trace with geofencing to ensure optimized orders receive processes with insight and intelligence,” said Mark Smith, CEO and Chief Research Officer at Ventana Research.

According to Ventana Research’s announcement, the Awards “recognize trailblazing vendors that contribute advancements in technology, drive change and increase value for organizations worldwide, backed by market research and analyst expertise across business and IT.”

Each year, Ventana Research receives thousands of nominations from companies across business, IT, and consulting. The expert analysts at Ventana carefully review all submissions to identify innovative technology solutions with practical applications and the ability to make a lasting impact on their respective industries. This year, Ventana announced their finalists in each category earlier in the month, and on the morning of July 14th, they officially published their list of winners. 

In their announcement, Smith went on to say, “the competition was fierce, further supporting the rapid growth we have seen in digital innovations across business and IT. This year’s winners…are setting the pace for how technology can enable new breakthroughs in processes and ultimately influence the critical business outcomes that are expected.”

“On behalf of the entire team at ShipChain, we are humbled and honored to have our solution win this extremely competitive and prestigious award. We know that the competition was tough and are very excited to see the industry slowly but surely come to embrace blockchain. We very much look forward to showcasing our innovative technological solution with the rest of the world,” said John Monarch, CEO at ShipChain


You can learn more about Ventana Research and the Digital Innovation Awards here.