Dear Community,

As of July 26, 2018, the administrative order against ShipChain by the South Carolina Attorney General’s Office to cease and desist was vacated.

We’d like to thank the state of South Carolina for taking the time to resolve this matter quickly and efficiently. 

While we were never required to halt active development on our product, we do understand the concerns some of you had and appreciate your patience in allowing our legal team to handle the case in a professional manner.

On behalf of our entire ShipChain team, we’d like to say thank you.

Thank you, our loyal community, for continuing to stand beside us. We are chartering through new territories with a mission that we are confident will change the global shipping industry as we know it. Your commitment to this movement and the technological advances that are paving the way for our future has not gone unnoticed. It’s an honor to have you with us on this journey.


On another note, we recently launched two new community channels to bring you even more content!

First, we’d like to invite you to our company Blog. Our blog site will now host all of our monthly issues of The DispatchThe blog already contains a plethora of freshly published content about our tech, business development, recent press, and other aspects of the happenings at ShipChain. We will strive to provide you with new content as often as possible to keep you informed.

Second, we’d like to invite you to subscribe to our Official ShipChain YouTube Channel. We’ll be adding new content each week to educate our growing community and to take our mission to the next level.

And of course, you can follow us on our official social media accounts on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

We will continue to bring you our monthly issue of The Dispatch, so stay tuned!

Enjoy our new blog site and have a wonderful August!

Warm regards,


Cherie Aimée
Director of Communications, ShipChain