ShipChain CEO, John Monarch, was recently interviewed by Lewis King on eliminating the barriers to blockchain in logistics. John talks about one of ShipChain’s most impactful goals and that is inclusiveness – making its platform accessible to smaller shippers and forwarders.

Currently, the costs associated with entry and technology are too high for smaller companies. ShipChain is here to make blockchain technology available to everyone by offering high tech solutions at an affordable cost. Monarch explains one of the core beliefs of ShipChain and that is the belief that “Everyone involved in the shipping process is important in this space – truck drivers, longshoremen, pilots, warehouse workers, you name it.”

John not only discusses the biggest problems facing this shipping industry today, but also gives a brief overview of the development of ShipChain including the 4 main smart contracts already Live on the Ethereum blockchain:

  • LOAD

Aa stated by John, all underlying functionality is Live and now the focus is on making it more user friendly including working on the web platform to facilitate easy booking and shipping, working on the mobile app and continuing to enhance the unique Transmission API which will allow anyone with REST API experience to build on top of ShipChain.

Because ShipChain allows for disintermediation, this could worry some companies including brokers and forwarders but John recognizes the importance of these companies and wants them to build on top of ShipChain which would reduce their overhead costs and provide improved service to clients as well as give them access to the most important technology the logistics industry has faced since containerization.

If you didn’t get a chance to read the full article with Shipping and Freight Resource, be sure to check it out; John goes into detail about the threats of lost freight, temperature excursions & how he envisions the transformation of the shipping industry thanks to ShipChain’s new technology.

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