Did you catch the latest interview with our CEO, John Monarch? He was recently interviewed by TechBullion on how ShipChain is disrupting transport & logistics on the blockchain. John discusses some of the biggest problems currently affecting the logistics industry and the different ways ShipChain is going to solve them, including the need to eliminate the involvement of third parties and added costs within the supply chain.

For example, our web booking platform will help small to midsize businesses by eliminating commission-driven brokers, aka third parties, that add unnecessary costs to their businesses.

In addition, did you know that there is an estimated amount of $30 billion dollars in cargo theft every year in the United States alone? The costs of goods is higher for all customers because they have to account for this huge loss they know they will incur. This is where ShipChain comes in with our real-time track & trace system to pinpoint the exact location of every shipment.

ShipChain’s use of blockchain technology will help by improving visibility and adding accountability. Unfortunately, many are still using the archaic and risky method of pen & paper. With blockchain technology, it will make all information more secure and transparent which will boost overall efficiency.

John further talks about how ShipChain stands out from its competitors by taking a holistic approach to solving the industry’s biggest issues. He explains that Shipchain’s platform will focus on the entire supply chain end-to-end, whereas other blockchain companies out there are more focused on individual problems as opposed to the whole.

If you missed this information-packed interview, you can find the full article here.