Since March of this year, our team has been fully remote and adjusting to life in the COVID-19 era, but that hasn’t slowed us down. Mainnet deployment has been planned for July 2020, we joined Baseline Protocol, partnered with Distichain, put out a public demo of the platform, released a new white paper, helped the WEF put together their completed Blockchain Toolkit and educational white papers, and continued our work with the United Nations Center for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business (UN/CEFACT). Read on for a deep dive about what we’ve been up to.

What We’ve Been Up To

ShipChain Releases New Public Demo

That’s right! Our first public demo video has arrived, and you can watch it out here! Check out our state-of-the-art Track and Trace Platform in action, with CEO John Monarch leading the way. 

This video is the first of several, as we want to explore each unique aspect of our product and show you, our community, audience, and prospective clients, what we’ve built and what sets us apart. If you have specific aspects of the platform that you’d like us to highlight, please drop us a line at!

ShipChain Releases New Industry White Paper

We’re excited to share that our latest industry white paper, “The Role of Blockchain in Navigating Black Swan Supply Chain Events,” is live! We had initially planned on focusing on Final Mile this quarter, but when the world came to a standstill due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we decided to shift gears. This white paper focuses on how blockchain can strengthen global supply chains to ensure that they are more resilient in the event of future unforeseen threats. 

You can opt-in to download the white paper here!

ShipChain Joins Baseline Protocol 

Earlier this year, we officially joined the Baseline Protocol initiative to help facilitate fully private transactions on both the public Ethereum network and the ShipChain sidechain.

The Baseline Protocol initiative was first announced on March 4, 2020, by fourteen founding organizations, including Kaiser Permanente, Ernst & Young, Microsoft, ConsenSys, BP, and others. Since the project’s creation, fewer than a dozen stakeholders have been approved to join, but we made the cut! As of May 8, 2020, ShipChain is officially a part of the project’s Specifications Steering Committee. 

You can read the full announcement here, and more about Baseline Protocol here

ShipChain Partners with Distichain and is Featured by Forbes

We recently announced a new partnership with the B2B e-commerce platform provider Distichain to help small- and medium-sized businesses access global markets. As businesses have a need to be smart and connected, this partnership facilitates the path to full digitization and the ability to perform B2B transactions seamlessly from one screen, with new track-and-trace visibility technology and elimination of expensive friction points. The partnership and the implications for SMEs were subsequently featured by Forbes

To learn more about what we’re doing with Distichian, click here.

ShipChain Donates to Folding@Home for COVID-19 Research

Our worlds have been shaken up by COVID-19, and we want to help find the cure. We decided to donate to Folding@Home, a distributed computing project for simulating protein dynamics, including proteins implicated in a variety of diseases. Folding@Home is working to figure out precisely how therapeutics can be utilized to put a stop to COVID-19, and we contributed a petaflop in computing power for this initiative. 

To learn more about the project and our contribution, click here.

The World Economic Forum Publishes its Blockchain Toolkit

Last year, we announced that CEO John Monarch was joining the WEF’s panel of experts to build and set the parameters for the Blockchain Toolkit. We are excited to announce that it has been completed and is live on the WEF’s site. To view the toolkit in its entirety, please follow this link: Redesigning Trust: Blockchain Deployment Toolkit.

The toolkit is a part of WEF’s Redesigning Trust: Blockchain for Supply Chains project, which aims to make blockchain accessible to all. In addition to the toolkit, the WEF has put out several educational white papers about blockchain since the announcement

Monarch also contributed directly to the WEF’s white papers about blockchain, which can be accessed using the following links:

CEO John Monarch to be Featured on Supply Chain Brain’s Podcast

Monarch will join Bob Bowman, editor at Supply Chain Brain, for a podcast interview. He will discuss the ShipChain platform, logistics, supply chain, blockchain technology, and what the industry may look like after COVID-19. 

We will share the links on our social media platforms once the recording is live!

CEO John Monarch to Speak at the Asia Blockchain Summit

The Asia Blockchain Alliance is presenting its 1st Virtual Summit and 3rd annual Asia Blockchain Summit, on July 15-19, 2020. The event brings together professionals from across the globe with experience and interest in the ever-evolving world of blockchain. 

Some of this year’s noteworthy speakers include:

  • Astronaut Chris Hadfield
  • SEC Commissioner, Hester Peirce
  • Co-founder of Ethereum and founder of Consensys, Joe Lubin
  • Blockchain lead for UNICEF, Christina Lomazzo
  • CEO and co-founder of ShipChain, John Monarch

We will provide more details about the exact date and time of Monarch’s presentation as that becomes available. Until then, mark your calendars for July!

You can register for the event here

Wrapping it up (for now)

Lastly, I want to take a moment to address and acknowledge the current state of events. Global supply chains, by their very nature, are diverse – diversity is a key component to our collaborative success. While we are a business first and foremost, everything that we have accomplished is because of our individual employees. We are lucky to have a diverse team, each of which brings their own unique voice and purpose to our collective whole. We will continue to work to encourage and increase that diversity, and to our employees of color, and everyone around the world fighting for the equality that they rightfully deserve, we stand with you. – CEO John Monarch