These 2 Podcasts Will Change the Way You Think About Global Shipping


New Technology For Old Problems
JumbleThink interviews Sami Rusani, Chief Revenue Officer of ShipChain

Join JumbleThink’s host in this exclusive episode with Sami Rusani as they explore the depths of the blockchain, global shipping and logistics, and the impact innovative technology will have on a multi-trillion dollar industry.

The team at ShipChain is confident that you will find this interview to be full of educational learnings, motivation, and inspiration for our mission to move humanity forward. The future is here.

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CCN’S Exclusive Interview with ShipChain’s CEO on Integrating Blockchain

Over $30 billion is lost every year due to cargo theft. The impact of this is felt throughout the entire supply chain, from billion dollar corporations to business owner-operators, truck drivers, and consumers.

CNN recently sat down with ShipChain’s CEO, John Monarch to talk specifically about some of the problems ShipChain aims to solve within the transport and logistics industry.

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Disrupting Transport & Logistics on the Blockchain

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  1. Frank Sioneholo August 1, 2018 at 3:58 pm - Reply

    Thanks for sharing, as Shipchain try to address issues at core that affects trade, the movement of goods from one place to the other, whether its a few metres or thousands kilometres away. Trade facilitation is very crucial for a transparent and faster movement of goods, from exporter to importer, the determining of costs be seen and automated, no more human measuring.

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