Knowledge is power in the world of supply chain management, and every company is searching for the next best way to save money and meet consumer demand. While you could turn to the troves of the internet for information, it helps to know which journalists and publications to trust. That’s why we’ve created this list of the top logistics and supply chain journalists and thought leaders that we follow and suggest you check out in 2020.  

Top Logistics & Supply Chain Journalists & Thought Leaders We Follow

1. Paul Abbott

Paul Abbott is an expert logistician with more than 25 years working on articles for the supply chain space and more than four decades working as an award-winning journal. His works have been published in The Cincinnati Enquirer, the Albuquerque Journal, and Sun-Sentinel. 

2. Dave Blanchard

David “Dave” Blanchard is the Senior Director of Content at EHS Today and Material Handling and Logistics. He a sought-after author, having written both best-selling books and timely pieces in Industry Week Manufacturing Network and Supply Chain Management Group. As such, no topic is off-limits with this world-class supply chain author. 

3. Steve Banker

Steve Banker is the Vice president of Supply Chain Management at ARC Advisory Group and co-author of Logistics Viewpoints. His works are frequently published to for their insightful and easy-to-understand language. He has personally conducted analyses of supply chain applications, benchmarking and best practice reports, as well as working with vast supply chain networks to uncover the issues and unlock the secrets to their success. 

4. Brian Bradley 

Brian Bradley is an Associate Editor for American Shipper today. His previous work includes Warren Communications News, Inc., where he wrote daily articles about international and U.S. trade policies and their impact on supply chain policies. His expertise in supply chain compliance and policies continues in his posts at American Shipper, making his voice a go-to resource for those involved in the global supply chain. 

5. Greg Aimi

Greg Aimi is a Senior Director Analyst with 14 years of experience at Gartner and more than 34 cumulative years of experience in the supply chain and logistics field. His works commonly include an analysis of global logistics trends, distribution strategies, best practices, logistics outsourcing, integrating systems, and more. He is of the pioneers of supply chain execution software and understands the roles of automation and optimization in supply chain efficacy. 

6. Russell Goodman

Russell Goodman is the Editor-in-Chief at SupplyChainBrain. His background includes web journalism, magazine editing and publication, video production, newsletter authorship, and more. He was also part of the team behind Eastern Europe Law Week and served as the editor at the Journal of Defense and Diplomacy. Today, he oversees the web and in-print edition of SupplyChainBrain, a go-to resource for companies undergoing digital transformation in the supply chain. 

7. Gene Trousil

Gene Trousil is a Contributor at CSCMP’s Supply Chain Quarterly and Chief Deployment Officer at One Network Enterprises, Inc. He has more than 20 years of experience in managing enterprise-class experience in mobile and RFID computing. He has written articles for Bloomberg, The Network Effect, Supply Chain Management Review, and more. 

8. Abbie Stutzer

Abbie Stutzer is a freelance writer and editor with articles that have been published on Courier Magazine. Her insights reflect the latest trends in the industry and the increasing demands of consumers. In the age of Amazon, her voice is a beacon for companies struggling to find the bridge between omnichannel retail and last-mile delivery success. 

9. Jason Rosing

Jason Rosing is the Managing Partner at Veridian, a third-party integrator, heavily working with major names, like Manhattan Associates, HighJump, and JDA, to bring visibility and maximum use of warehouse management systems. He authors the Veridian blog, many posts of which have been featured in Op-Eds in the Wall Street Journal, Logistics Management magazine, the Cerasis blog, and more.

10. Adam Robinson

Adam Robinson is the Marketing Manager for North American Third-Party Logistics Provider, Cerasis. He is an expert in logistics, supply chain management, and facilities management. His works include podcasts, e-books, whitepapers, case studies, infographics, and personalized presentations for major supply chain conferences. Adam also has the distinction as a highly sought-after supply chain content strategist—both in the U.S. and abroad. His works remain expansive—from procurement through reverse logistics and even facilities management for the supply chain itself. 

11. John Monarch

John Monarch is the CEO and Co-founder of ShipChain, a technology startup focused on bringing blockchain to the logistics industry. His commentary on the biggest issues and opportunities in the industry can be found on sites like FreightWaves, JOC, Supply Chain Dive, and more. His extensive experience and insight make him a must-follow for 2020.

12. Patrick Burnson

Patrick Burnson is the Executive Editor at Logistics Management and Supply Chain Management Review, a role he’s filled since 2007. He’s also the author of the blog, Critical Cargoes, where he encourages the industry to upgrade systems and leverage new technology to improve supply chain processes and reduce unnecessary freight spend. 

13. Bridget McCrea

Bridget McCrea is a Contributing Editor at Logistics Management magazine and expert writer for the technology, business, and supply chain fields. Her expertise derives from more than 22 years of covering the field at Logistics Management magazine and Supply Chain Management Review. Her articles are also go-to resources for some of the top authors and companies in the field. 

14. Michael Levans

Michael Levans is a Group Editorial Director at Peerless Media’s Supply Chain Publications. His articles reflect 23 years of experience as a business reporter, and he has studied logistics and supply chain management for the last seven years. The skills acquired throughout his career have generated positive results among other leading authors, including Brian Everett and Bridget McCrea. 

15. Adrian Gonzalez

Adrian Gonzalez is the host and primary author at Talking Logistics, and he is the President at Adelante SCM. His voice and experience have given him the title of one of the most influential and trusted experts in supply chain management, as well as high-level manufacturing, retail, 3PLs, and technology. His articles are insightful and offer actionable ways for companies of all sizes to tap into the value of innovation in the supply chain. 

16. Mitch MacDonald

Mitch MacDonald is the Group Editorial Director for DC Velocity and CSCMP’s Supply Chain Quarterly. He is also President and CEO at AGiLE Business Media, the managing company behind these two great publications.  As an award-winning journalist, he has been named one of the Top 10 Business Journalists in the U.S. twice, and he led the launch of Supply Chain Management Review. His multiple roles offer a unique perspective into the world of supply chain authorship. 

17. Keith Biondo 

Keith Biondo is the publisher of Inbound Logistics Magazine, a role he has fulfilled since 1981. He works stretch back to the dawn of the internet, giving him a unique view into the role technology has played in the emergence of a global supply chain. He’s also an analyst, considering the conflicts and correlations between supply chain organizations and how to improve operations to better serve customers. 

18. Chris Brooks

Chris Brooks is the Executive Editor at The Journal of Commerce. He has 30+ years of experience with multiple publications, with the last decade devoted to editing and managing the layout of the JOC magazine and as His topics commonly reflect the latest industry trends and concerns, such as tariffs, regulations, and the trucking shortage. 

19. Don White

Don White is the Vice President of Enterprise Solutions at Snapfulfil Cloud WMS, and his prior experience included work at Red Prairie, Dematic, and GT Nexus. He is a guest contributor to Multichannel Merchant, and his topics affect every aspect of the supply chain, including peak season demand, last mile processes, big data and analytics, e-commerce, and more. 

20. William B. Cassidy

William B. Cassidy is the Senior Editor over trucking for The Journal of Commerce, and prior to this, he served as the Executive Editor at Traffic World before the company merged into what is now He’s also the owner and editor of the blog, The Lost Annals of Transport. His words lend a voice to truckers in fears over their future, companies searching for a way to navigate the waters of the capacity crunch, and those seeking to understand the role of technology in today’s supply chains. 

21. Emma Cosgrove (Supply Chain Dive)

Emma Cosgrove is a reporter for Supply Chain Dive and frequently covers topics relating to specific businesses. Recent articles highlight the innovations in global supply chains in use by major retailers, including Target, DollarTree, and more. Also, her experience in the building materials’ supply chain makes her an expert resource in reviewing the effect of U.S. tariffs assessed on imports and their impact on manufacturing, the housing market itself, and even dropshipping.

22. Morgan Forde (Supply Chain Dive)

Morgan Forde is an associate editor for Supply Chain Dive. She previously served as Supply Chain Research Specialist at Gartner, which furthers her insights and detail-oriented articles. Her global perspective of the supply chain includes ocean freight management and risk, trade regulations, mergers and acquisitions, and the use of new technology, such as artificial intelligence, robotics, machine learning, big data analytics, virtual reality, and blockchain, to drive supply chain innovation. 

23. Rachael Premack (Business Insider)

Rachel Premack is a Senior Transportation reporter for Business Insider, focusing primarily on logistics, delving into trucking and e-commerce. She usually writes about logistics, but recent articles focus on major shifts in the industry, including changes to Google, new freight-matching platforms, interviews with supply chain CEOs, and more. She also frequently shares pieces about bettering the state of logistics around the globe. 

24. Jennifer Smith (WSJ)

Jennifer Smith is a reporter at The Wall Street Journal covering logistics and supply chain. She previously wrote about New York cultural institutions, law firms, and corporate law. Before joining the WSJ in 2011, she was a reporter at Newsday, where she won awards for her coverage of breaking news, the environment, and politics. 

25. Cathy Morrow Roberson (Air Cargo World, Logistics Trends & Insights)

Cathy Morrow Roberson is a Contributing Editor for Air Cargo World, writing a weekly column for the publication. Aside from that, she is the founder of Logistics Trends & Insights, providing global updates and analyses, reports, white papers, and even consulting projects. She is an absolute must-read for companies in need of more content strategy and prowess. Some of her recent pieces include the major carriers’ attempts to improve peak season, the use of drones to increase delivery options, concern between U.S.-China trade relations, and much more. 

26. Janet Nodar, Senior Editor (Journal of Commerce)

Janet Nodar is a Senior Editor at and covers heavy-lift transport and breakbulk. She has past experience in working with JOC for Gulf Shipper and Breakbulk publications and even served as the Content Director for Breakbulk Events & Media. Her recent articles explore the issues inherent in international trade of heavy-lift shipments, U.S. steel import trade woes, and the heavy-lift market as a whole, namely its uncertainty in the wake of recent U.S. tariffs against China. 

27. Lora Cecere (Supply Chain Shaman)

Lora Cecere runs the blog, Supply Chain Shaman, and brings 40 years’ experience to the table. Her topics focus on small and mid-sized businesses in need of advancement, as well as BCOs and major players that stand out as early adopters of new technologies. Her posts are a combination of both emotion and reality, showcasing how companies want to advance but fall victim to the perception of trials and difficulties in launching new services/technologies. She also is on the radar for her work in describing upcoming trends that will influence the 2020 logistics industry. She is an absolute must-read author and a prominent voice in the age of tariffs and supply chain efficiency. 

28. Daniela Forte (Multichannel Merchant)

Daniela Forte is the primary Content Manager at Multichannel merchant, having worked with the online logistics’ publisher since 2013. She recently took a deep dive into the repercussions of closures at the department store retailer, Sears, and her voice is prominent during the peak season periods. She discusses top industry trends, such as subscription services, and highlights store closures and how digital transformation might have, and still may, save them from the threat of bankruptcy.

29. Emily Szink (FreightWaves)

Emily Szink oversees the streaming TV network, FreightWavesTV, and she has won multiple awards for her reporting and features on logistics. Recent articles by Emily surround the topics of drayage, new and upcoming companies, such as CarrierDirect, the impact of ocean weather on shipping, and much more. 

30. Sheri Hinish (SupplyChainQueen).

Sheri Hinish stands out for recent recognition, being named the 2019 “Pro to Know” by Supply & Demand Chain Executive. She is the founder and operator of Supply Chain Queen, and her recent work has focused on the environmental impact of outdated supply chain management approaches and processes. 

31. Sabine Mueller (CEO, DHL)

Sabine Mueller is the CEO of DHL Consulting—a division of Deutsche Post DHL Group. Her recent articles showcase the digital transformation of the industry and how shippers can leverage new technologies to drive productivity. 

32. Renee Krug (CEO, GlobalTranz)

Renee Krug was named as the new CEO for GlobalTranz in fall 2018. She had previously served the Chief Financial Officer for GlobalTranz. She oversaw all financials, treasury, accounting, tax, and HR activities for GlobalTranz. Renee brings 15 years of executive experience to the conversation. Her opinions and posts on LinkedIn are seen by more than 12,000 followers around the globe. 

33. Kelli Saunders (CEO, Morai Logistics)

Kelli Sanders is the President of Morai Logistics Inc. She has an established reputation for sharing thought-leading articles and even adding her voice to topics that pique her interest. Her opinions are frequently cited in major logistics publications, including Today’s Trucking News and Truck News. Her logistics’ interests include digital transformation, intermodal shipping, and cross-border transport.

34. Karen Kroll (Inbound Logistics)

Karen Kroll is an experienced freelance writer and editor who focuses on corporate finance and business. In addition to Inbound Logistics, her articles have appeared in, CFO,, Global Finance, and other publications.

35. Merrill Douglas (Inbound Logistics)

Merrill Douglas is a freelance writer with more than 30 years’ experience in corporate culture, logistics, supply chain management, and transportation management. Her recent topics include a spotlight on the issue of liquidation and expedited shipping for the service parts supply chain. Her insights often include first-person accounts of supply chains from executives and strategic operatives for the biggest transportation providers on the planet, such as UPS and FedEx.

36. Jenny Xu (CEO, Carggo)

Jenny Xu has a strong grasp of the intense relationships in global transport. Recent articles include the use of people-centered principles in moving freight, flexible shipping capabilities, which reflect her time with FreightWaves. Thus, her topics further go into detail about the challenges of logistics management in the automotive sector and IT for today’s shippers. With fingers on global transport topics, her LinkedIn feed is a treasure trove of information and insights, not to mention shipping advancement.

37. Kathy Wengel—Johnson & Johnson’s top supply chain executive

Kathryn Wengel is the EVP & Chief Global Supply Chain Officer for Johnson & Johnson. In her role, she oversees the planning, making, and distribution, as well as delivery, of more than 350,000 health products. As a part of the global Johnson & Johnson network, she has a unique perspective on pharmaceutical manufacturing and transportation. She keeps a close eye on how supply chain functions lead to real-world effects for customers—up to and including potential health consequences of logistics’ failures.

38. Eric Johnson (Technology Editor, JOC)

Eric Johnson is a senior editor and provides technology coverage of the logistics industry at He is an expert on logistics’ financial analysis and market trends. While recent publications have focused on major conferences and their insights, others dive into the value provided by specific companies in the Maritime and Trade division. In fact, a recent piece of his highlighted the $400 million investment into Convoy, which indicates an industry-wide shift to new technologies and digital brokers, including Transfix, Arrive Logistics, and Uber Freight.

39. Peter Tirschwell (Executive Editor, JOC)

Peter Tirschwell is an executive editor at HIS Markit, the overarching organization behind He oversees all editorial coverage for global maritime shipping, container shipping, trade, and OTR logistics. He is also the founder and chairman of the TPM conference. Recent articles of Peter’s include topics that explore the issue of labor-management and availability, the siloes and their problems in older supply chain management systems, and the opportunities for beneficial cargo owners (BCOs). Also, much of his coverage centers of Eurasian transport and its implications.

40. Mark Szakonyi (Journal Of Commerce)

Mark Szakonyi is the executive editor at and has an extensive log of completed articles. Recent pieces range from the influence of U.S. economic interests on the Chinese New Year, changes in fuel costs, demand for ocean freight in spite of high-sulfur bunker fuel prices, and more. His insights dovetail from other expert views to his own unique voice, transforming logistics management into an almost poet-like approach. He also understands the value of collaboration and partnerships, having given dozens of smaller supply chains a platform—via JOC—to share industry insights and news.

41. Jeff Berman

Jeff Berman is a leading author for Logistics Management and the Peerless Media-EH Supply Chain Group, including Modern Materials Handling and Supply Chain Management Review. His topics cover all sides of the supply chain, logistics, materials handling, and freight transportation for all modes. 

Follow the Industry’s Top Voices for More Insight Into How to Improve Supply Chain Processes

We hope you take advantage of this list and expand your knowledge about supply chain and logistics. The industry is always changing, and those that are the most informed will always come out on top.