Blockchain technology is a major disruptor in the supply chain. It stands to change the game as we know it by giving companies a better way to ensure traceability throughout vast supply chain networks. In order to properly disrupt the supply chain of today, you need to know everything there is to know about it.

At ShipChain, we make it a priority to stay up to date on all of the latest and greatest in supply chain innovation. We follow an exhaustive list of supply chain and logistics blogs to make this possible. We firmly believe that everyone involved in supply chain should be informed as the industry is constantly being shaken up. If you want to start learning, we suggest you check out these top logistics and supply chain blogs.

Top Logistics and Supply Chain Blogs We Love

Ship Lilly

The blog is run by Lilly and Associates and covers a huge range of topics from drop shipping, outsourced fulfillment, the trucking shortage, U.S.-China carrier relations and much more. No topic is off the table, and with most posts written by Ashley Boroski Mendoza, the blog offers insights into the current state and possible outcomes of global trade practices and policies.

Shipping and Freight Resource

The blog has been in operation since 2008, providing articles and in-depth interviews with experts in shipping, freight, logistics, trade, and maritime circles. Topics of focus include trade policies, advice on managing shipping and freight spend, expected growth of the industry, and addressing the looming talent shortage. Additional features of the blog include guest articles, documentaries, case studies and even reviews of prominent white papers. The comprehensive material on Shipping and Freight Resource is an invaluable repository of information for company leaders, shipping managers and more.


Overdrive specializes in trucking needs, offering the latest trends and statistics on the trucking industry, new technologies, regulations and more. It is an excellent resource for information on the Blockchain in Trucking Alliance too, which will grow in importance as blockchain matures.


Cerasis is another leader in the world of supply chain and logistics. The Cerasis blog posts a steady stream of blogs, whitepapers, e-books and infographics, all written by Adam Robinson. The blog spends a lot of time focusing on the use of transportation management systems and how they can increase efficiency in your supply chain. focuses on the issues facing fleets around the globe, but its primary focus is the U.S. The site highlights trucking concerns, such as the capacity shortage, the talent gap, and more. A well-rounded set of posts on LTL, FT, small package and last-mile delivery, not to mention an extensive list of compliance and regulatory posts, makes this blog a go-to resource for any company interested in better supply chain practices.

More Than Shipping

The More Than Shipping blog is a comprehensive resource for shipping trends, supply chain planning, project and specialized cargo and more. Published by MTS Logistics, this blog also focuses on the world of ocean shipping and international trade concerns, key concerns that exist in blockchain circles.

Logistics Management

Logistics Management’s blog is the corresponding online resource of the Logistics Management magazine. Its topics include upcoming supply chain conferences, warehouse technology innovation, logistics insights, and transportation cost control.

Supply Chain Management Review

Supply Chain Management Review is both a thought-leader and re-publisher of major blogs and insights from across the industry. The blog reports on recent changes to policies, best practices in supply chain management, whitepapers detailing procurement through reverse logistics and much more. The site also contributes a significant share of its space to global supply chain topics, including emerging markets and ocean transport too.

Logistics Viewpoints

Logistics Viewpoints serves as a list-based resource for companies that need insightful advice on supply chain management. The blog publishes a weekly roundup of news and events affecting global supply chains, along with content on warehousing, SaaS, cloud-based supply chain systems, blockchain and more.


The CCN blog is a go-to resource for anyone interested in blockchain. Its content ranges from cryptocurrencies, the current rates of Bitcoin in the U.S., blockchain in the supply chain, and the top concerns for using blockchain.


The blog at TechBullion boasts an extensive resource for the application of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Blockchain, and general technology innovation in the supply chain. It also includes blogs for companies in the supply chain management space looking for more information about industry trends and information.


Dedicated to helping companies navigate the complexities of trade, FreightWaves is one of the top blogs to follow. FreightWaves focuses on helping companies understand digitization, regulation, and market trends. The blog is a common reference for other leading industry blogs, ranging from Forbes’ posts to Logistics Viewpoints and beyond.

Fleet Owner

Fleet Owner is another magazine-based blog. This resource is designed for companies operating both in-house fleets of trucks and outsourcing logistics.  Most importantly, the blog gives shippers advice on how they can keep their fleets in top shape, including recommending new trucks available on the market. The blog also provides insight into the latest regulations and influences in the industry, including the trucker shortage and capacity woes.

Top Omnichannel Supply Chain Blogs We Follow


Veridian publishes blogs focused on supply chain systems’ integration, omnichannel concerns, best practices for small and large business owners and more. They diversify their posts to reflect the latest trends and reiterate the importance of integration and advanced, modern systems in managing supply chains.

Multi-Channel Merchant

Multi-Channel Merchant is another blog dedicated to the world of supply chain integration in the age of omnichannel. Posts include a host of topics on omnichannel best practices, key concerns, risk management and more.

Supply Chain Dive

The Supply Chain Dive blog is a resource developed for small-to-midsized businesses. It provides actionable information for companies that are new supply chain management and complexities. Topics include blockchain, Big Data, retail accomplishments, news from major carriers and more.

Supply Chain Digest

Supply Chain Digest is a weekly, online newsletter that includes webinars, live broadcasts and blog posts. Using multimedia to explain the latest concepts and offer insightful blogs makes this a top blog for any company interested in the latest industry news and thoughts.

Supply Chain Brain

Supply Chain Brain adds to the supply chain management and logistics conversation with warehousing, technology, and retail topics. The blog also publishes whitepapers, webinars, podcasts, and on-demand videos to help companies excel in all aspects of supply chain management.

Inbound Logistics

One of our favorite resources is Inbound Logistics. Inbound Logistics is one of the oldest blogs in the industry, and while topics all have a logistics’ underlying theme, the information found on this blog is commonly used by Wall Street Journal, the Journal of Commerce and other major logistics’ industry blogs. Topics are also built on changes in policy, trends among small and mid-sized businesses, trends among nationwide retail supply chains and more.

DC Velocity

DC Velocity prides itself on material handling, technology, supply chain strategy and transportation blogs. The blog is a companion publication to the DC Velocity magazine. It offers guidance on supply chain conferences, research reports, including the vital State of the Third-Party Logistics’ Annual Report, warehousing and technology innovations.

Talking Logistics

Talking Logistics with Adrian Gonzalez is another great blog that rounds out our list. Topics range from omnichannel to reverse logistics, and it is a go-to resource for major publications as well. The blog is also sponsored by some of the biggest names in the industry, including C.H. Robinson, Descartes, Mercury Gate, Blu Jay, Kenco, Elemica and more.

Flash Global

Flash Global is an impressive company that’s focused on the global service parts supply chain. Their blog seeks to educate the world on the benefits of an effective reverse logistics and the service parts supply chain strategy, as well as tips to improve operations. These topics are often an afterthought in today’s global supply chain, but a successful reverse logistics and service parts supply chain is crucial to success.

Freight Hub

Freight Hub is a German freight forwarder, specializing in the use of benchmarking tools to ensure companies pay competitive rates for ocean transport, and its blog is dedicated to helping companies keep freight spend under control. In addition, Freight Hub publishes a stream of blogs focused on the use of blockchain to drive interest in its blockchain-based Bill of Lading solution.

Top Cold Chain Blogs

Chain Store Age

Chain Store Age tackles the challenges of supply chain management and logistics, as well as business concerns evident in today’s world. The Sears’ bankruptcy, food recalls, regulatory announcements, Amazon’s record-breaking and innovative releases, the retail apocalypse and earnings reports from some of the biggest topics at the blog.

Food Logistics

Food Logistics provides a well-connected resource for topics affecting cold supply chains. It explores the risks and ways companies can enhance cold chain storage through technology, reviews the latest regulations and compliance measures companies face and gives companies an informed view of the cold supply chain of today. For its dedication to food safety, it will naturally become a bigger proponent of blockchain in the supply chain for its traceability too.

Cold Chain Technologies

The Cold Chain Technologies blog is dedicated to the cold supply chain as well, emphasizing the use of new equipment and preservation techniques to keep merchandise at appropriate temperatures. In addition, Cold Chain Technologies, Inc. boasts an impressive ISO 9001:2015 certification, ensuring its readers stay updated with the latest demands among pharmaceutical, life science, food service, and biomedical supply chains.

Global Cold Chain Alliance

The Global Cold Chain Alliance brings together multiple cold supply chain blogs, including the Cold Connection Blog, Government Connection Blog, and Member Connection Blog. These blogs offer detailed insights into the latest industry trends, best practices on temperature-controlled logistics and storage and a member-only blog for updates on the regulations and legislative sessions affecting this subset of the logistics industry.

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